Bus EIB article de ELEKTOR n° 195 page 34

Sur la demande d'Elektor, je suis obligé de retirer cet article :-(

j'étais abonné d'Elektor depuis quelques années, j'ai donc décidé
de résilier cet abonnement...

  Objet: Elektor, copyright violation
    Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 15:58:15 +0100
       De: "Jan Buiting" <editors@elektor-electronics.co.uk>
Société: Elektor Electronics Magazine
         A: <olivier.dumesnil@wanadoo.fr>

Bus EIB article de ELEKTOR n° 195 page 34

Dear Sir,

this is to advise you that through your web site
you are violating the copyrights vested in publications magazine Elektor, a
subsidiary of Segment.b.v. Publishers, The Netherlands.
You have no permission to re-publish any of our articles on your website.

At the request of the legal advisors in the Wolters-Kluwer company I am
urging you to stop your illegal dissemination of copyright-protected
articles. If I find that you fail to satisfy my request within 7 days from
this date I will be forced to seek advice on legal action taken against you.


Jan Buiting
Web Editor, Elektor websites

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